Hedging Plants

Hedging plants are an effective way of forming an attractive boundary that will grow in a short space of time. Hedging plants will also provide a habitat for wildlife, create a screen, provide windbreaks and act as a useful deterrent to intruders.

Our quality hedging plants are supplied as bare-root and pot-grown hedging plants, which come in a variety of sizes. What’s more, all our stock is available at wholesale rates and can be shipped to anywhere in the country.

Small hedging plants, also known as whips, are easier to establish and are about 60cm (2ft) high. Larger hedging plants require more care. It is recommended that small hedging plants are planted close together for a thick hedge. Planting small hedging plants close to each other also reduces the trimming required for your hedge.

Hedging plants will require planting at different times of the year. Hedges are normally planted during the winter months when the trees and shrubs are in their dormant stage. As a general rule, evergreen and semi-evergreen hedging plants will need to be planted in early autumn. Deciduous hedging plants will require planting in mid-autumn to late winter.

The ground for your hedging plants requires consideration. What type of soil is it? Does any ground work need to be carried out? What type of hedging plants should be used? It is generally recommended to use a mixture of native species hedging plants but it is of course dependent on what the hedge is to be used for and the type of soil. More information on soil types are included when clicking each of the hedging plants we have available to buy.

Planting and after care advice for your hedging plants is provided by clicking on each of the hedging plants we have on sale.

For more information or any advice about our hedging plants please call our tree nursery on (01376) 340469


Bamboo Trees and Hedge (Phyllostachys)

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Beech Trees (Fagus Sylvatica)

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Box Hedge Alternatives (Buxus sempervirens)

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Evergreen Hedge Plants

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Evergreen Oak (Quercus Ilex)

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Hornbeam Hedge (Carpinus betulus)

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Laurel Hedges (Lauraceae)

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Leylandii Hedge (Cypress)

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Native Hedging - Bare root plants

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Native Hedging Plants

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Photinia Hedges (Red Robin)

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Viburnum Tinus Hedge (Eve Price)

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