Evergreen Hedge Plants

You can buy a range of evergreen hedging plants, which are one of the most popular choices for creating screening and privacy. We offer several options of evergreen hedges, from plants to create full height screening to replace fences right down to lower growing varieties to create low hedges to edge pathways.

Faster growing and tougher varieties like conifers, laurel and photinia red robin will grow fast to produce a solid screen for boundary hedges and will give privacy and help reduce noise from roads or neighbours.

Slower growing shrubs like Viburnum and Euonymus are great for lower to medium height hedges or as a back drop to other plants whereas smaller leaved plants like Box or some Lonicera can be clipped very hard to produce very low path and border edges.

Taller Bamboo can be used to give light coverage and will move in breezes giving a less formal screen than a solid clipped hedge.

These varieties will grow well in a varied range of soils but most will also grow in pots with careful watering and feeding. We ranked our top 10 evergreen hedges.

In all this is a very useful category of plants and can be used in many ways to achieve your desired effect. Please also look at our shrub section where you will find other evergreens which can also be grown into hedges.