Evergreen Oak (Quercus Ilex)

Quercus Ilex is normally grown as standard trees, but it is often overlooked at its ability to be used as an excellent hedge.  Also known as the Holly Oak and Holm Oak it has dark green, glossy leaves with toothed edges similar to a holly. Evergreen Oak is a prime candidate for defensive hedging due to its sharp edges.  In warmer areas, it will bear yellow catkins in spring followed by small round acorns in late summer.

Quercus Ilex will make a very effective evergreen screen when clipped and is tolerant of dry soils, salt winds, and air pollution. Quercus Ilex grown in bush form to make a very effective hedge. We would recommend the use of Evergreen Oak particularly for coastal areas due to its toleration of salt winds.

Evergreen Oak is very hardy – our alternatives that we stock can be viewed by visiting the instant hedging section of our website.

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