Beech Hedge (Fagus Sylvatica)

Buy Fagus sylvatica or Beech is a very versatile tree and can be used in many ways from clipping into stunning dense hedges to growing into large majestic trees where space allows.

Although Beech can grow very large in time it responds very well to being controlled and cut and is excellent choice for using as a hedge or screen. Beech hedging will grow very well in any free draining soil but if you have clay or wetter soil it may be worth considering Hornbeam which is more suitable.

You can buy varieties of Beech hedges with different leaf colour through summer which both grow with the same characteristics. The first is Green Beech on which the leaves emerge pale green at first, turning glossy dark green, then yellow to orange-brown in autumn, with the leaves hanging on in winter. The second is Purple Beech which has dark purple leaves which become greener with age and also if in full shade. The colour drains to bronze in autumn before turning brown through winter.

Both types will hold the brown dead leaves nearly all winter long before dropping so gives a good coverage even in the winter months.

These can be supplied in containers throughout the whole year or as bare root and rootballed plants from November to March. Overall, Beech hedging is a great plant for most situations.

You can buy our beech hedging plants online or please visit us at our nursery in Essex if you would like to view our hedging plants before you buy.