Hornbeam Hedge (Carpinus betulus)

Hornbeam  (Carpinus betululs) is one of the best plants for growing in to a clipped hedge with its fast growth rate and tolerance of all soils and is much recommended and versatile hedging plant.

Hornbeam hedges have bright green ovate leaves with finely toothed edges which turn orange-brown in the autumn and hang on the tree long into the winter giving almost permanent screening with a mature hedge.

Widely planted in this country to create structure and screening the native hornbeam is one of the most important trees in the British Isles.  It thrives on clay soils, amongst others and can be grown as a specimen tree or to form very dense hedges.

We can supply Hornbeam hedging plants in several size options in either bare root and rootball plants in the winter months (Nov-March) or containerised plants which can be planted year round.

You can also buy Hornbeam hedges as a Pleached option which is a tree with a 1.8m tall clear stem and a crown which is trained onto a flat frame and is ideal for use as a screening tree or for lining paths and driveways.