Hornbeam Trees (Carpinus Betulus)

Various sizes and forms of Hornbeam trees for sale, including Upright Hornbeam trees (Carpinus betulus fastigiata) and Japanese Hornbeam (Carpinus japonica).

Here at King and Co, we promote hornbeam trees as an alternative to beech when faced with heavy clay soils in areas of the UK, including Essex. Although the public mostly favour Beech, it is really more suitable for lighter, sandy soils. Like beech, hornbeam trees will hang on to a smattering of dried leaves, so valuable when the planting scheme is trying to achieve an element of all the year round screening.

The native hornbeam, Carpinus Betulus can reach a height of around 30 metres when mature. However, the more upright version, Carpinus Betulus Fastigiata, is much more compact and will rarely exceed 8 metres in height, hence Fastigiata lends itself to urban positions where space is at a premium. However, if kept clipped to shape Carpinus Betulus will form an exceptionally admirable hedge.

Hornbeam trees, like Oak, responds particularly well to coppicing and pollarding. As a result of these practices, Hornbeam has enjoyed a foremost part in the make up of native woodland species. In addition, the timber from this tree is exceptionally hard and durable and has traditionally been used for loom bars, and is a valuable source of firewood.