Photinia Hedges (Red Robin)

Photinia, also known as Red Robin and Christmas Berry is a fast growing, primarily evergreen plant, of around 50 species, the most well known of which is Photinia x Fraseri. The family of plants include small Photinia trees and large shrubs.

Photinia has dark glossy green leaves and brilliant red young growths and has become popular for it’s stunning foliage, red leaves that appear on newly formed shoots. New red leaves will grow with regular pruning. Flowers on Photinia will appear frequently on large established plants and do not require regular pruning.

Pruning your Photinia hedge throughout the year will help to encourage the red foliage. Prune back after the foliage has faded to a dull bronze. This will ensure further new shoots of growth. Red Robin hedges can be pruned into a formal shape which makes it ideal for a spectacular colourful hedge.

Photinia hedges will grow in a wide range of soils and the roots are not very invasive, but they do not like being grown in a very heavy clay soil. Black spots can appear on the leaves in very cold weather but they can be easily removed and new leaves will quickly grow in it’s place.

You can buy Photinia hedges online from the selection below. However, if we do not have the type of Photinia hedge plants you are looking for, please contact us.