Leylandii Hedge (Cypress)

The Leyland Cypress or Leylandii is one of the fastest growing evergreens which has meant it has been used widely for hedging and screening for many years. The tree is very tough and will grow in all but waterlogged soils coping well with winds, including sea winds, sun or shade and urban sites which is why it is still a great option for hedging.

The new growth of soft green needles is easily clipped and kept in check when used as a boundary hedge in gardens and even shaped into topiary figures and shapes.

Leylandii is equally as good when left to grow to a full height tree and act as a wind break or screen in large gardens and parks and fields.
When clipped they make effective barriers to block noises from roads or other sources.

The main thing to remember when keeping as a hedge is to trim regularly so that you only remove the young green growth and avoid cutting back to brown areas where it will  struggle to regrow from.

You can buy two varieties of Leylandii hedging. The first is green in colour and the second is called golden which has bright green/yellow young growth which darkens to green through the winter. The golden variety is slower growing but still makes a great hedge.

You can buy Leylandii hedging from the selection below or come and visit us at our tree nursery in Essex. If you do not see any of the Leylandii hedging plants that you require please contact us.