Screening Trees

Trees can be applied to help you achieve instant privacy in your garden and they can be used in many ways to achieve a good level of natural screening.

Here you will find excellent examples of trees that will add instant privacy in your garden. As you can see, we specialise in sourcing the very best screening trees, trees for privacy and instant hedging, at the most competitive prices. Best of all, King and Co can supply you any of the screening trees, including Leylandii, listed on our website and can deliver to you anywhere in England and Wales via an overnight courier service (though please allow two days for delivery to Scotland ).

Our prices include VAT and delivery is charged at cost price, with your convenience in mind.

Many of our enquiries are from customers who crave trees for privacy in their garden. They are commonly used to screen overlooking windows or to block out another building or unsightly object (a neighbour’s trampoline is another common eyesore!). Unlike many other websites, all of our screening trees and hedging is available to view five days a week at our tree nursery in Rayne, Essex.

A hedge on legs! Raised screening solutions overnight to your door

No matter how difficult you may perceive the problem, we have a big selection of screening trees, plants and techniques to provide the answer.

A raised hedge is possible by using trees that have been specifically produced for this requirement. These trees will have a clear stem of around 1.8-2m and then a crown forming above this height that will sit just above your 1.8m fence panel. We usually recommend evergreens for this purpose which can be densely planted to achieve instant maximum effect. After planting, an extra 50% new bushy growth should be obtained within one to two years.

If you need more help please do not hesitate to phone us. We are experts in the use of screening trees and leylandii hedging and we will be happy to help with your project!


Bamboo Trees and Hedge (Phyllostachys)

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Holly Trees (Ilex)

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Hornbeam Trees (Carpinus Betulus)

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Laurel Trees (Prunus)

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Leylandii Trees (Cypress )

Leylandii trees are still valuable for screening and also as a haven for wildlife. We have them in stock up...


Magnolia Trees (Evergreen)

Evergreen Magnolia trees or Magnolia Grandiflora have large leaves which are glossy, dark green above and dull brown and velvet...


Photinia Trees (Red Robin)

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Pine Trees (Pinus)

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Pleached Trees - Trees on Frames

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Privet Trees (Ligustrum)

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