Box Hedge Alternatives (Buxus sempervirens)

Buy our Box Hedge (buxus) alternatives to avoid ‘Box Caterpillar’ and ‘Box Moth’. Box is traditionally used in low formal hedges and topiary as it can be closely clipped leaving a smart finish. Buxus is now increasingly becoming affected by pests and our customers are switching to buxus alternatives.

King and Co are no longer stocking Buxus sempervirens as ‘Box Caterpillar’ (Cydalima perspectalis) is prevalent in the local area. Please see our buxus alternatives below;

Euonymus japonicus ‘Jean Hugues’

Euonymus ‘Jean Hugues’ is unaffected by ‘Box Caterpillar’ and ‘Box Moth’, but holds similar, small, ovate glossy green leaves. This bushy, dense plant can also be trimmed in the same manner as buxus making it a very popular choice.