Photinia Trees (Red Robin)

Photinia trees or Photinia hedges are perfect for creating an elevated screen to extend the height of your garden fence/wall and provide some extra privacy. We provide various sizes of Photinia ‘Red Robin’ trees. Photinia is also available as a hedge plant in bushy form.

Add colour and life to your garden with the vibrant Photinia shrub!

The evergreen Photinia shrub, a member of the rose family from China has a gorgeous presence in the garden. Moreover, it can be used as a hedge to mark one’s property and for privacy or as a shrub to adorn the outside area. The young photinia foliage emerges bright red. As the plant matures the colour changes to a bright glossy green! The Photinia tree and shrub suits almost any garden style be it a formal or a tropical one. We also provide plant accessories like pots, shrub or tree shelters, ties and netting. What’s more, all of our products are available at wholesale rates!

You can buy the Photinia trees shown below online, or please come and visit us to see our Photinia trees at our tree nursery in Essex.