Native Hedging Plants

A mix of Native Hedge Plants supplied in troughs for you to easily create an instant mature UK hedgerow. Instant hedges are also a great way to create immediate good size screening, privacy or boundaries fast when time is of the essence.

The mixture of plants incorporated into the troughs are all native so cope well with almost any site and soil and can be grown tall and unclipped for a field boundary or clipped and formal for an impenetrable garden hedge. This mix of native plants will grow into a great hedge with a varied leaf shape and colour that has great benefits for our wildlife which ever size it is grown to. When used as a full size hedge the seasonal effect each of the varieties can be truly appreciated.

Each hedge unit comprises of a mix of plants which may include Hawthorn, Field Maple, Hazel, & Dogwood giving a nice mix of small trees and shrubs with different leaf colours and shapes as well as flowers. If left uncut the plants will show the following features:

Hawthorn will have masses of white flowers in May followed by small red berries in autumn much loved by Thrushes. The dense growth and thorns make this a good choice for security.

The Dog wood will have clusters of small white flowers in April –May again followed by small berries and excellent autumn shades of red on the leaves.

The Hazel will be adorned with long catkins or ‘lambs tails’ in very early spring followed by the nuts in autumn which are very tasty if you can beat the squirrels.

The Field Maple will give great leaf colour in the Autumn of bright yellow and is an excellent tree for wildlife.

Being in planters these are great for year round planting unlike the bare root hedging plants which are only available from November to March which means you can plant when you need and eliminate the need to wait until the winter.

Each Trough/pot measures 80cm long and will easily fill a 1m long section of hedge instantly. A great way for a fast and native hedge with great benefits for nature.