Evergreen Trees

Buy evergreen trees such as Bamboo, Holly, Laurel, Photinia, Magnolia and many more. King and Co is a leading tree nursery for evergreen trees in the UK. We are prominent suppliers of all kinds of evergreen trees, but you can also buy evergreen plants.

King and Co provide trees, topiary, shrubs, hedging and several other plant varieties to homes as well as commercial areas. We particularly specialise in the evergreen plant tree species but our wide range of trees and plants for sale includes all kinds of fruit and deciduous trees, shrubs, topiary and hedging.

You can choose to buy evergreen, deciduous and fruit trees. We have the best accessories available for large as well as small evergreen trees at wholesale rates and all of these can be bought directly from us – now you can browse through our site and simply select the trees and plants you want to buy, right here!

Design the garden you have always wanted with our beautiful shrubs and evergreens!

At our online tree nursery, you will find a wide variety of quality large and small trees available to buy online or direct. These trees include species such as pine, oak, holly, Eucalyptus, and several more. We even offer extravagant deciduous and fruit trees as well as shrubs and topiary to add panache to your garden.


Cedar Trees

We have a choice of Cedar trees available for you to buy online including Cedrus deodara (Deodar Cedar) and Thuja...


Cotoneaster Tree (Cornubia)

Various sizes of Cotoneaster Cornubia trees available to buy online or from our tree nursery. Cotoneaster is a great choice...


Holly Trees (Ilex)

Buy holly trees such as Ilex Nellie R Stevens, which is a Holly Tree with fewer spines than Common Holly....


Italian Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens)

Cupressus Sempervirens is a great evergreen tree for structure and statement due to its unique upright and very narrow habit....


Laurel Trees (Prunus)

Another great screening tree, you can buy our Laurel trees online or direct from our tree nursery. Choose from  Prunus...


Leylandii Trees (Cypress )

Leylandii trees are still valuable for screening and also as a haven for wildlife. We have them in stock up...


More Evergreen Trees

Miscellaneous evergreen trees, some less common varieties and hidden gems.


Olive Trees (Olea)

Please note. Xyella fastidiosa: Due to the concerns expressed by UK Plant Health (Defra) regarding this bacterium disease, we have...


Pine Trees (Pinus)

We stock a range of Pine trees including Pinus Nigra (Austrian Pine), Pinus sylvestris (Scots Pine), Pinus wallichiana (Bhutan), in...