Welcome to our range of accessories. Here you will find everything you need to help you establish your hedge as quickly and easily as possible.

Spiral Tree Guards – Spiral Tree Guards  is a low cost protection for your trees, seedling transplants and single stem hedge plant varieties against browsing animals such as rabbit, hare , sheep and roe deer. They are extremely quick and easy to install .  A major befit in using the Tree spiral is their ability to grow with the tree as they mature. Its overlap design avoids the risk of strangulation of the tree and also offers protection against the use of chemicals.

Tree shelters – The  protection of newly planted trees from damage of browsing animals is essential for successful woodland establishment. If trees are to survive and flourish then protection in the form of a tree shelter is necessary.  The chewing of shoots and stripping of bark from young trees by browsing animal such as rabbits, hare , roe and muntjac deer can retard the growth of young trees.  It may in some cases even kill hem outright, if bark is removed in a band around the stem.  The favourable micro-climate provided by the shelter will also promote rapid growth of young trees and afford protection if chemicals are to be used in the area of planting.