Laurel Hedges (Lauraceae)

You can buy a wide range of Laurel hedging plants in various sizes so you can create an instant hedge. You can alternatively buy smaller plants and grow them on. Laurels are great plants for creating hedges and screening with their dense foliage and a tendency to grow in all soils and aspects. We offer two varieties of Laurel hedging.

Cherry Laurel Hedging – Prunus Laurocerasus

Laurels can be used to form a small hedge at the front of a property, grown larger to replace fences to act as a barrier or screen or we also sell them grown as a standard tree with a clear stem which can be planted in a row  along a fence or wall to create a ‘raised hedge’ or singularly planted to obscure windows or other unsightly objects you may wish to hide.

Laurel hedges will grow in all soils and aspects but thrives in moist fertile soils, it will cope very well with shady areas where other plants struggle and only really complains on heavy chalk where it may become quite yellow (chlorosis) unless the soils is improved first.

Prunus laurocerasus or Cherry Laurel as it is commonly known is one of the best plants to use for creating hedges and screening. It has large glossy green leaves, grows very fast and responds well to being cut. If unclipped it produces showy spikes of small creamy, white flowers in spring which are followed by cherry like fruits (not edible).

Cherry Laurel hedging plants have great regenerative powers and will grow back after being cut back very hard so can always be kept in check. King and Co’s laurels are also available in screening tree form.

Portuguese Laurel Hedging – Prunus Lusitanica

You can also buy Portuguese Laurel hedging (Prunus Lusitanica). Lusitanica is similar in many ways to Cherry Laurel but has a darker green smaller leaf and grows slower and there for naturally denser.  It will make a stunning hedge and the smaller leaf means it can look neater when clipped. Portuguese Laurel will also flower in spring with flat clusters of small white flowers. This is a very hardy plant but avoid very wet areas as it will struggle, and choose the Cherry Laurel instead which would work better.