Bamboo Trees and Hedge (Phyllostachys)

Bamboo Trees and Hedge (Phyllostachys)Planting a bamboo tree to provide a captivating look is a recent trend and to serve this purpose, the finest collection of superb bamboo trees to sweep you off your feet, is right here. Find the most dazzling and striking bamboo trees only at King & Co. We are the leading online destination and one stop shop of best bamboo trees, so if you are planning to buy a bamboo tree just contact us and get exactly what you require.

We not only provide you the best quality bamboo trees but also give you the valuable advice and assistance for best results. Our finest quality bamboo trees can be planted all round the year. This is one offer which is designed to beat all, so get your garden planted with picturesque and fascinating bamboo trees. In addition, to this we also provide tree shelters, stakes and ties which are indispensable for the successful implementation of the planting operation.

Phyllostachys Aurea - Golden Bamboo 2.25-2.5m tall

Phyllostachys Aurea is a bright green stemmed bamboo with yellow to golden green ...

£74.00 Includes VAT

Phyllostachys Aurea Spectabilis Bamboo 2.25-2.5m tall

Phyllostachys Aurea Spectabilis is a striking bamboo of stout yellow canes, with ...

£64.00 Includes VAT

Phyllostachys Nigra - Black Bamboo 2.25-2.5m tall

Phyllostachys Nigra , a  slender bamboo with stems that turn from green to ...

£84.00 Includes VAT

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