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This Bare Root Hedging Season : Bio Spiral Tree Guards

This bare root hedging season, we are delighted to offer a new fully compostable bio spiral tree guard.

Bare root plant protection – the bio spiral guard

As we advise on our ‘How to plant bare root hedging plants’ video (below), it is best to protect your new bare root hedging plants with a spiral guard, which is placed over the top of the plant once the cane has been inserted. Not only does the spiral guard protect the plant from predators such as rabbits, but it also acts as a spray guard when treating weeds around the bare root hedging plants. View our range of spiral guards here.

Bare root hedging with spiral guards and bamboo canes.
Our new compostable spiral guards in action on a bare root hedging project.

The new compostable spiral rabbit guards, are manufactured in Certified Biopolymers which will not damage the environment during or after use. They can also be left on the forest floor after use without damaging the environment. It is important to consider the environment when using plastics. This is why we offer an alternative plastic spiral guard that has been been made using recycled plastic. The bio spiral guards perfectly blend into site surroundings and are the easiest and quickest protector to install. There are no ties of fixings required.

What Bare Root plants are most popular for bio spiral guards?

Bare root hedging plants with foliage
[From Left] Dogwood, Field Maple and Hawthorn Bare Root Hedging plants.

Common Dogwood – Cornus Sanguinea
Cornus Sanguinea is found in most British hedgerows and is used to provide all year round interest; flowers in spring, red autumn leaf colour and bright stems in winter.
Field Maple – Acer Campestre
Acer campestre, or Field Maple, is deciduous and one of our toughest native hedging species.
Hawthorn – Crataegus Monogyna
Common Hawthorn, also known as Quickthorn or May Blossom, is a fast-growing deciduous, native tree that has always been used for hedging and field boundaries.

bare root hedging plants with foliage
[From Left] Blackthorn, Hazel and Dog Rose Bare Root hedging plants.

Blackthorn – Prunus Spinosa
Also known as Blackthorn or Sloe bush, this plant has small white flowers which appear early in spring before the oval shape, green leaves appear.
Hazel – Corlyus Avellana
Corylus Avellana or Hazel is another very common site in British hedgerows and is commonly coppiced and cultivated for its ‘Hazelnuts’. A small, native tree that produces large amounts of edible nuts in autumn.
Dog Rose – Rosa canina
Rosa canina or Dogrose is a fast-growing, native rose plant that is a common sight in British hedgerows.

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