Holly Trees (Ilex)

Buy holly trees such as Ilex Nellie R Stevens, which is a Holly Tree with fewer spines than Common Holly. The native holly, Ilex Aquifolium is a superb plant in the English Countryside. However, only the female tree produces red berries which are such an iconic detail of the common holly. As a female clone of Ilex Aquifolium, Ilex Nellie Stevens has emerged as a more desirable purchase for gardens and designs, with its profusion of red berries in the autumn.

Ilex Nellie Stevens is available from the nursery as a conical bush up to 5 metres tall or as a magnificent standard tree which can provide an effective raised evergreen hedge, even in smaller gardens when space is limited. This holly, with its dark green glossy leaves will grow in any free drained soil, is particularly tolerant of partial shade and is suitable for costal locations.

If using Nellie Stevens as a screening tree, planting distances can be varied from 1-1.5 metres apart depending on the size of the tree at installation. It can be classed as a relatively slow growing tree, holly requires very little maintenance although some formative pruning may be desirable.

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