Cotoneaster Tree (Cornubia)

Various sizes of Cotoneaster Cornubia trees available to buy online or from our tree nursery. Cotoneaster is a great choice for small gardens and for attracting birds and bees.

Cotoneaster Cornubia is available in various forms and is usually regarded as a shrubby type of plant. However, some types of Contoneaster will attain a height of around 6 metres. Cotoneaster Cornubia is one such plant which can be grown as a small tree, either with a clear stem with a head on top, or fully furnished down to the ground.

Although classed as a semi evergreen tree in all but the most exposed positions, it will retain its green leaves throughout the winter. Together with its modest root structure, this means it has become a valuable small tree in the UK, both as a discreet screen, or as a magnificent hedge for privacy. Additionally, it produces a small white flower and an array of bright red berries in the autumn, which are a valuable food source for birds during the winter months.

When you consider that Cotoneaster Cornubia trees will tolerate most soils and is very easy to maintain, it is no wonder that garden designers and architects are increasingly specifying this spectacular plant. This tree is usually available all year round from the nursery.