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What is a native hedge?

It can be quite confusing when terms like “native” hedge are often quoted. Generally speaking, it means a traditional hedge where the constituents are all naturally occurring in the British Isles.

Naturalists would tell you there are many, many birds and insects that rely on these plants for their survival and consist of the habitat they require to survive. Hence it is important to fill hedgerows with berry bearing plants and fruit bearing trees to support the wildlife.

Uk countryside with hedges and farmland
Native Hedge forms a beautiful part of the UK countryside

Typical plants included in a native hedge:

Hawthorn (also known as quickthorn) is usually used to give most hedges body and structure. You would probably include around 70% of the total plants as hawthorn. Whatever the other plants included, this volume of hawthorn will provide a stockproof hedge within three years, very important to farmers and landowners who use these hedges as a boundary, eliminating the need for a fence.

There are many other native hedge species that can be included such as hazel, dogwood, field maple, dog rose, guelder rose, spindleberry and several buckthorns. They are all important for there berries, nuts, insect and bird habitat, autumn spring and winter colour. As you can gather, this is thorny subject!

Our sales staff are all very knowledgable on not only advising the correct constituents for your hedge, but also the correct installation techniques as well as the types of protection required to deter all those predators. These products range from bio spiral guard protection for rabbits and bamboo canes for added stability. We are always happy to advise you with planting schemes and ideas.

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