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How to use rootgrow to help your tree or hedge establish

You have put a lot of time and thought into which tree or shrub you want, how big it’s going to get and where you are going to put it, so don’t miss out on giving it the best possible start in its new carefully selected home. This is our guide on how to use Rootgrow with container grown plants and bare root hedging.


Rootgrow contains mycorrhizal fungi which is a completely natural and plant friendly product. Its great for use on flowering plants, trees or shrubs. Within as little as four weeks the fungi will have created an entire secondary root system that will increase nutrient and water uptake helping to support the tree for the rest if it’s lifetime.
Using Rootgrow is easy, sprinkle into the bottom of the planting hole, making sure that the granules are in direct contact with the roots. In just weeks the fungi will have attached themselves and grown out into the surrounding soil.


  • Excellent water and nutrient uptake and enhanced natural vigour
  • Increased abundance of flowers and heavier cropping
  • Plants need less synthetic fertiliser and are able to survive
  • Bolsters replanting resilience
Rootgrow - Mycorrhizal Fungi for use with bare root hedging
Mycorrhizal Fungi – Rootgrow


After planting care is essential during the first year of establishment to allow your tree to establish a good root system and new growth. After Plant is a refined plant feed that is tailored to shrubs and trees.
Applications are best during planting, the start of new growth during the spring, throughout the summer and in autumn as a top dress.
When planting your tree add 1-2 handfuls, mixing with the loose soil and add around the base of the plant, water well. You can later (post planting) add 2 handfuls below the canopy.


  • Seaweed meal offers Auxins which stimulate root growth and essential trace elements
  • Contains Mycorrhizal fungi for establishing secondary root system
  • Supply’s soil with natural plant available nutrients & organic matter
  • Natural humates contain organic acids which help liberate nutrients from the soil and compost also acting as a food source for beneficial soil micro-organisms.
After Plant - Tree and Shrub feed
After Plant – Tree and Shrub feed

Rootgrow for Bare Root Hedging

Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi granules can be used in conjunction with dipping gel to help coat bare rooted hedge plants whilst planting. The granules in gel work in exactly the same way for bare rooted hedging, creating a secondary root system that will increase nutrient and water uptake helping to support the hedge for the rest if it’s lifetime.

How to use Rootgrow dipping gel whilst planting bare root plants:

Time needed: 7 minutes

Check out our guide on how to use Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi granules with dipping gel to coat bare root hedging plants.

  1. Make the dipping gel

    Take a large bucket and fill with 8 to 12 litres of water. Sprinkle the contents of the gel powder sachet into the water and stir well. Then leave for five minutes.

  2. Stir in the Rootgrow granules

    Add the dry Rootgrow granules and stir well so the granules are suspended evenly through the thick liquid.

  3. Dip the plants

    Dip the pant roots into the solution ensuring even coverage. Lift the plants our and allow the excess to drain back into the bucket and plant immediately.

How much Rootgrow will i need?

One 1KG bag of Mycorrhizal Fungi with gel is enough to treat 90 to 120 of King and Co’s 40-60cm bare rooted plants, please refer to the back of the packet for the exact application rates.

Does Rootgrow work?

Rootgrow is tested and fully endorsed by the Royal Horticulture Society!

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