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Watering your trees during a heat wave

Watering your tree is essential to its growth and health, so below we describe the best practice for creating optimal conditions for your tree, especially during a heatwave.

When should I be watering?

We would recommend watering your tree in either the morning or the evening. Watering in the morning is preferable as this is when the trees will start to draw water from the soil. The benefits of watering in the evening is less water is lost to evaporation.

How often should I be watering?

Rain water is not enough to keep your young tree alive let alone during a drought. Watering thoroughly will help the water reach the roots. If the weather forecast looks like the heat is going to set in for the week, it is best to start watering early to ensure the moisture levels stay even but it is just as important that the soil does not become constantly saturated either as the plants need oxygen from the air around roots.

Lighter types of soil such as sandy and chalky will need more frequent watering than heavy clay soils. If the leaves have wilted between watering you may have to water more often.

How should I be watering?

Plants can only effectively use water through their roots. You will need to get the water down to the soil around the roots and not the leaves. Water on the leaves can encourage fungal problems and evaporation from the surfaces causing scorching.

If you are gearing up for planting during the hot weather, consider one of our irrigated planting packs that contain a Tree stake, Buckle tie and root rain irrigation system.


Things to keep and eye out for:

Less foliage, fruit or flowers than expected.

Change of angle of leaves (they may droop downwards and start to curl)

Wilting (be aware as this can also be a sign of over watering)

Happy watering!

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