Complete Hedging Packs

Complete Hedging packs contain the plants, spirals and canes calculated to your desired length of hedge.

The Complete Hedging packs range from 5 metre to 100 metre depending on your hedging needs. The varieties included in the hedging packs include: Common Box, Common Privet, Golden Privet, Green Beech, Hawthorn, Hornbeam and Purple Beech.

It is important to ensure the roots are not exposed to the sun or drying winds between lifting in the nursery and planting on site. For these reasons please keep your bare root hedging plants in the box or bag when planting out. We would recommend planting at 5 per metre in a double staggered row, and be sure to ‘heel them in’ tightly to ensure good root to soil contact!

Bare root complete hedging packs are available to buy from November to March each year, you can pre-order as early as late September and October


Common Privet Complete Hedging Pack

Ligustrum vulgare, also known as common Privet, is a very easy to grown semi-evergreen hedge which is very fast growing...


Golden Privet Complete Hedging Pack

Ligustrum aureum, also known as Golden Privet, is a very easy to grown semi-evergreen hedge which is very fast growing...


Green Beech Complete Hedging Packs

Green Beech or Fagus sylvatica, has leaves emerge a silky haired pale green at first, turning glossy dark green, then...


Hawthorn Complete Hedging Packs

Common Hawthorn, also known as Quickthorn or May Blossom, is a fast growing deciduous, native tree that has always been...


Hornbeam Complete Hedging Packs

Hornbeam Hedging Packs Carpinus betulus is widely planted in this country. Its full form is often used to create structure...


Purple Beech Hedging Complete Hedging Packs

Purple Beech is similar to Common Beech in nearly all aspects, but with beautiful purple leaves, turning copper in autumn....