Golden Privet Complete Hedging Pack

Ligustrum aureum, also known as Golden Privet, is a very easy to grown semi-evergreen hedge which is very fast growing yet still suitable for a smaller garden. Privet will thrive in most soils and can be clipped twice a year to achieve formal hedging.

A very easy to grow evergreen to semi-evergreen hedge, which is very fast growing and hardy, the Golden privet produces small panicles of white flowers in spring which stand out against the mid-green/yellow leaves. Privet is suitable for any size garden grown as stand alone bush or clipped to create a hedge.

Bare Root plants are available from early November to late March. We can take Pre-orders before this time and dispatch the plants as soon as they are available.

This Complete Hedging Pack contains the Privet plants, 60cm tall rabbit spiral guards and 90cm tall bamboo canes to assist planting your hedging. We calculate this based on 5 plants being used per metre in a double staggered row, with a rabbit spiral guard and bamboo cane for each plant.