Want garden privacy? Try our screening trees to block out houses and overlooking windows!

Instant evergreen screening trees

Evergreen screening trees with instant coverage for your house or garden.

New garden, new development or newly overlooked by neighbours. We can offer a range of instant evergreen screening trees that will offer screening for your boundary fence line and house all year round.
Below are some of the options we recommend.

Portuguese laurel (Prunus Lusitanica)

Portuguese laurel grows to around 6-8 meters high and is a popular screening tree. The dark green glossy leaves appear from purple tinted young stems, that are accompanied by clusters of white flower in the spring time. The dense foliage of the Prunus lusitanica lends it’s self well to being clipped annually, creating a neat finish if required.
This is a tough tree which will grow in all but waterlogged soils including sun and shaded areas

Portuguese laurel (Prunus Lusitanica)

Cherry Laurel (Prunus Laurocerasus)

The cherry Laurel is a large glossy leaved tree that makes for very dense screening, becoming thicker the more it is clipped. Growing approximately 18 inches a year and can grow up to around 5-6 meters tall. This tree can take a hard pruning to control growth and thicken the plant. This tough plant is hardy once established and grows well in all soils except chalk. It is fast growing and produces an abundance of small white fragrant flowers in racemes during the spring that are followed by small berries during the Autumn.

instant evergreen laurel screening tree
Cherry Laurel (Prunus Laurocerasus)

Photinia Red Robin

Photinia is another tough plant that provides both winter and spring interest with young foliage emerging red in spring time which is accompanied by clusters of white flowers in April/May. The red robin grows to around 5 meters but can easily be clipped keeping it smaller and denser.
If one tree is strategically positioned it can screen undesirable views from your property, such as neighbours windows, satellite dishes, extensions etc. The recommended planting distance for the Photinia tree is 1.5m apart, unless you require the heads to touch to give an uninterrupted screen.
The Photinia has a shallower root system which does not create the problems that are often associated with deciduous trees. They grow well in full sun and partial shade but can loose some of the bright red colour in full shade.

Photinia Red Robin

Black Bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra)

Phyllostachys Nigra is a slim bamboo that has stems that turn from green to a striking black in around their 2nd or 3rd year of growth. It makes for a bold and impressive screen with its contrasting black stems and green foliage. Grows best in fertile, moist soil, good drainage and with either full sun or partial shade.

Black Bamboo (Phyllostachys Nigra)

Golden Bamboo (Phyllostachys Aurea)

Phyllostachys Aurea is a great screening option with green to golden stems and striking green lanceolate leaves that are held all year. It grows to approximately 6 meters tall and usually forms small spreading clumps but if conditions are right it will send out runners, if this could be an issue to your design, growing pots or root barriers are a good option.

Golden Bamboo (Phyllostachys Aurea)

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