Pinus sylvestris – Scots pine 1.5-1.8m tall

Pinus sylvestris is a large, native pine with a compact, conical shape when young. As the tree matures it develops a characteristically bare trunk with a broad, conical crown. It has pairs of tough, blue-green, twisted, needle-like leaves and brown cones that mature from female flowers (after pollination). Ideal for planting as a specimen tree or screen in larger gardens and parks, Scots pine can also be planted to add evergreen interest to a woodland area. Buy Pinus sylvestris online or at our nursery!

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1.5-1.8m tall


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Pinus sylvestris – Scots pine 1.5-1.8m tall


  • Size : 1.5-1.8m tall
  • Botanical name/s : Pinus sylvestris
  • Common name/s : Scots pine
  • Flower / Foliage : Pairs of twisted, blue-green, needle-like leaves and brown cones.
  • Plant type : Evergreen
  • Flowering period : N/A
  • Mature height : 15-25m
  • Mature spread : Up to 8m
  • Growth rate : Moderate
  • Recommended usage : A popular choice for a specimen tree or screen, Scots pine can also be planted to add evergreen interest to woodland areas.
  • Nursery grown : Yes


Once planted, Pinus sylvestris will need watering throughout the first growing season, but make sure not to over / underwater.

Check tree tie / stake isn’t rubbing and / or too tight or too loose on the trunk.

Check for and remove any dead, decaying, diseased or crossing branches.

Remove any weeds from around the base of the Scots Pine (including grass).

  • Position/Aspect : Full sun to partial shade.
  • Soil : All moist well drained soils, avoid waterlogging.
  • Hardiness : Pinus sylvestris is hardy and native to the UK. Grows much slower in wetter ground or very coastal conditions.
  • Plant maintenance : Low maintenance.

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