Yew Hedge (Taxus Baccata)

Taxus baccata or Yew is an evergreen tree that can be clipped very hard making it ideal to use for hedging and screening. The soft, dark green, needle like leaves appear a lighter green when young giving an attractive contrast between old and new growth.

As well as being used for hedging Yew will grow into a beautiful tree which is a very tough and long lived.

Small, bright red fruits appear in autumn which are loved by birds but are poisonous to us if ingested.

Yew is also very commonly clipped into topiary shapes and often used as shaped, abstract or cloud pruned hedges.

Grows in all soils but must have good drainage and will struggle if the ground  becomes very wet or waterlogged at any point through the year. We always recommend lots of drainage material to be added to the hole when planting if in any doubt.