Sorbus Trees (Whitebeam, Rowan)

A distinctive range of trees from the Sorbus genus available to buy in a variety of sizes, including Whitebeam, Mountain Ash and Rowan trees. Browse our selection of Sorbus trees for sale below.

Sorbus Aucuparia or more commonly known as “Mountain Ash” is native to the UK. It can be found in gardens, towns cities and woodlands, it is a reliable tree which has proved most easy to establish. Also known as Rowan, it is a smallish tree, which grows to around 10 metres. Aucuparia will survive in most conditions at altitude and at very low temperatures.

In May, attractive white flowers begin to appear but after pollination, red berries appear in a glorious display, a valuable food source for local wildlife. In Autumn,  as the days grow shorter, the foliage of the Sorbus Aucuparia turns to a fiery red blaze of colour.

There are many cultivars of Sorbus, we also offer Sorbus Vilmorinii and Sorbus Sheerwater Seedling, which is particularly suitable for small gardens, and as for most Rowans, will tolerate some pollution.

Sorbus Vilmorinii is also a smaller tree but is particularly noted for its array of purple/cream bunches of berries in the autumn. Sorbus Aria Majestica is a medium sized tree, a cultivar of the native Whitebeam. It has a rounded crown with leaves that provide contrast with a light grey colour on the underside. Producing white flowers and red berries, it is quite a compact tree, thriving in most well drained soils.