Persian Ironwood (Parrotia Persica)

Parrotia or Persian Ironwood is a medium size tree with a spreading irregular branching pattern.  The glossy dark green leaves have an undulating upper side  but the main attraction for plant this tree is the autumn colours of red, yellow and purple which are truly spectacular. The trunk is light grey and on older specimens has purplish brown and yellowish  mottled spots and flaking bark plates and is very decorative. Older specimens may bloom, the flowers are about 1to2cm across and have striking  bright red anthers, after flowering 1cm spiked fruits appear.

The Parrotia persica or Persian ironwood is suitable planted as a solitary specimen tree in gardens and parks and can be a useful summer screening tree with its horizontal branch growth.

Grows well in most soils and sites.

These trees are available to purchase online or at our Essex nursery.