Pear Trees (Pyrus)

A choice of juicy Pear trees including Pyrus communis Conference, Pyrus calleryana and Pyrus Communis Doyenne du Comice. Pear trees are a good alternative to apples if you are looking for a different fruit. They will grow and crop best if you have a sunny sheltered garden and can easily be trained onto walls and fences which can increase to fruit yield and number of trees you can fit into a space.

Our trees are grafted onto a quince root stock which gives a more reliable size tree of around 4.5-6m tall which can be very long lived. Pear trees will grow happily on heavier soils but are less happy on sandy or chalky soils.

Pears are earlier flowering than apples so do add early colour to a garden, but because of this can be caught by late frosts – which will damage both flowers and young leaves. Apart from this they are generally more pest and disease resistant than most apples and just as easy to grow.

We stock the two of the most common types of pear tree which will pollinate each other and increase fruit numbers but if you only have space for one tree Conference is partly self fertile and a more reliable cropper.