Cherry Trees (Prunus)

There is a great variety in flowering Cherry Trees (Prunus) that are available to buy from edible sweet cherries to the decorative, ornamental varieties with beautiful blossom. From the vast array of different types of flowering cherries available growers tend to concentrate in the types of trees that do not suffer significant disease problems and have been proven over many years to be great choices. Listed below are some of the Cherries we offer.

One of the most popular is Prunus Kanzan, with a profusion of double pink flowers in the spring. The young bronze tinged leaves turn green through summer and to oranges and reds in autumn. Will grow to about 5-6 metres tall, has a spreading habitat and tolerates some pollution.

Prunus Pink Perfection is a smaller tree than Kanzan with a less spreading habit lending itself to slightly tighter locations. A very reliable tree, with very similar flowers.

Buy flowering cherry trees such as Prunus Tai Haku, (The Great White Cherry) which is a slightly bigger tree similar in size to Kanzan. Tai Haku is the favourite choice when white flowering is desirable.

Prunus Accolade is a smaller tree with double pink flowers, and one of the earliest into flower, leavers turn a shiny bronze colour in the autumn.

Although most Cherries flower in spring there are exceptions like Prunus Surbhirtella Autumnalis which is a very useful tree due to its winter flowering which occurs from late November through to March. The flowers are only small but but make a great impact on stark winter days. This variety has white flowers or the ‘Rosea’ form has a pale pink flower if preferred.