Tree Planting Kits

King and Co’s tree planting kits can give your newly planted tree its best start. Help your tree establish with our tried and tested planting accessories to help aid its early growth. Buy tree planting kits online to ship with your new trees.

What comes in the tree planting kits?

Each kit contains a 1.8m tall pointed tree stake, to help secure your new tree into the ground. The kits also all include a tree buckle tie with hoop collar to secure your tree to the stake without damaging the bark. Please ensure to nail the buckle tie to the tree stake to prevent it falling down!

Our irrigated tree planting kits, in addition to a tree stake and buckle tie, come with a watering aid. A rootrain is included for watering your newly planted tree by helping water travel to the roots directly. This helps avoid surface run off and evaporation.

The nutrient tree planting kit can be used to enrich your planting soil with Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi and After Plant fertiliser. Your newly planted tree will thank you for improving the soil nutrient content, and most importantly have a much improved environment in which to grow. It is best to sprinkle the Rootgrow granules in the base of the planting pit. This way, they are in contact with the root ball. Lastly, incorporate the After Plant mixture into the backfill and leave a few handfuls to top dress. Apply the top dress after staking with your included tree stake and buckle tie.

The premium tree planting kit includes all of the above, and is the perfect way to help your newly planted tree establish. The kit comes with all the fertilisers as well as tree stake, buckle tie and watering aid.