Soil type and planting installation

It is important to seek professional help when considering which plants or trees to use in your planting scheme.  

Different plants thrive on different soils, so advice on the suitable species for your particular soil type is most important.

Does your property have clay, sandy, light, chalky or even a wettish type of soil? Does it ever have standing water at anytime of the year?


Hands full of soil
Always seek advice on your soil type before choosing trees and plants


However healthy your plants are at the time of planting, they will struggle or start to deteriorate if they are in the the wrong environment. Far better to run your plans past an expert to see what they think and avoid the costly mistake of planting a tree in an environment where it will never thrive.

For example, Willow, Alders and Poplars will thrive on wet soils, whereas Birch, Crabs and Holly will tolerate clay soil. There are many other factors to take into consideration, so we try to avoid providing very general recommendations on our website, preferring to help you accurately assess your own unique location on a one to one basis. This is the advantage of buying trees from an experienced and independent Tree Nursery, so we encourage you to make the most of our expert knowledge.

We are very happy to offer you advice when selecting the correct species, just friendly help, no pressure selling. Drop us an email  or give us a call.