Willow Trees (Salix)

Buy White willow, Weeping willow and Golden willow trees in a selection
of sizes. Willow or Salix are commonly grown as shrubs or large trees. In
all willow trees, the male and female flowers are on separate trees
except on the occasional trees of Weeping willow. White willow or Salix
alba, this tree has silvery grey leaves, a well-defined trunk forming a
narrow crown, yellow catkins are produced on the male, female green with
white fluffy seed.  Salix Viminalis or Osier grown as a small tree or
large shrub, furry grey catkins are borne on bare branches, frequently
cropped to provide long straight, pliant twigs commonly used in basket
weaving. Golden weeping willow or Salix Chrysocoma a beautiful tree with
long, weeping branches almost sweeping to the ground. A common tree by
large rivers and gardens, Its foliage pale yellow in summer, becoming
brighter richer during spring. Most willow trees are found by rivers or
damp soils.  Browse thr range of willow trees we have for sale online or
contact us if you cannot see the willow tree you require.