Sweet Cherry Trees (Prunus)

Cherry trees are great for an ornamental tree or as a trained plant along walls and fences. Specifically Cherry Trees for eating, we also stock many ornamental
Prunus Trees, which you can find listed under the trees section.

The benefit of training means they can be netted to stop birds eating the ripening fruits where as a free growing tree may be too large to net or cover.

We usually offer three varieties which are all self fertile, so you only need one tree, two are sweet cherries being Sunburst and Stella the other is an acid cherry called Morello which some people eat raw but is best cooked due to its sharper taste.

All the varieties will be grafted onto a Colt root stock to restrict the size to a manageable 5-7m when mature but will still be vigorous enough to cope with heavy pruning if trained.

These trees will grow in most soils types which are moist but avoid wet or waterlogged ground. Sunny sheltered sites will aid pollination and give better crops. Even as an ornamental tree these are highly recommended.

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