Sophora japonica (Japanese Pagoda Tree)

Sophora japonica or Japanese Pagoda Tree is a medium sized tree with a round crown, later becoming fan shaped. The delicate, compound leaves are similar in appearance to an ash tree and are mid green in colour. The airy canopy gives a dappled shade and is ideal for sunny seating areas.

A very pretty tree when in bloom, with panicles of creamy white pea like flowers in August although flowering only starts after the tree is 10 years old or more. Long grey seed pods follow the flowers in autumn just before leaf fall.

The slightly twisting, greyish-brown trunk and older branches are rough and grooved but when younger they are dark green and have white lenticels (elongated Spots) along their length.

The Japanese Pagoda tree needs a sunny, sheltered position to grow best and is well suited to a south facing garden planted close to a wall where the heat can be reflected.

A highly recommended tree for use in town and city gardens to create, light dappled shade where it will reach around 6m in height.

Grows in all well drained, moist soils in full sun, avoid wet or waterlogged areas.

These are available to buy and order at the Tree Nursery in Essex or you can buy online.

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