Robinia pseudoacacia (False Acacia)

Robinia pseudoacacia or False Acacia is a very popular fast-growing tree that will compliment any medium or large garden with beautiful summer foliage.

Here at the Tree nursery in Essex we stock a couple of varieties of this lovely tree.

Both of these varieties will have some thorns on the branches but unless you plan to climb the tree this is no issue.

Both varieties will benefit from a sunny sheltered site for the best growth and flowering.

Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Frisia’ is a superb tree known for its bright golden -yellow foliage which adorns the tree through spring and summer before falling in autumn. The leaves are pinnate which create a light and airy feel to the canopy.

The trunk and older branches have a greyish brown bark which is rough and deeply grooved. Younger twigs are bright brown and have striking wine-red thorns, that later turn brown.

In some years Robinia pseudoacacia Frisia may flower in early to mid summer and these will be followed by pendulous, reddish brown seed pods.

Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Casque Rouge’ is very similar to the Frisia variety but the leaves are a mid green colour.

Casque Rouge is a reliable flowerer with pea like, pendulous clusters of lovely dark purplish-pink, fragrant flowers appearing in June.

The branches grow vertically at first and then bend down downwards at a later stage. Young twigs are brown in colour and again have thorns.

The Robinia ‘Frisia’ and ‘Casque Rouge’ are available to purchase online or direct from the nursery for the larger sizes.