Poplar Trees (Populus)

Various sizes and varieties of Poplar tree available to buy including Populus alba (White Poplar), Populus tremula (Aspen) and Populus nigra Italica (Lombardy Poplar). A genus of around 25 trees, all very rapid in growth. The original black poplar has been succeeded by some hybrid cultivars, which are broadly known as “Black Poplar. Also known as cottonwood, the catkins appear in early summer and develop a fluffy seed with a cotton appearance later in summer. Hybrid Poplars are not long lived, but may grown to 30 metres in 30 years.

The most appealing of poplars grown in the UK is Poplus Nigra Italica or the Italian Poplar. This tree has been used in formal situations, as an avenue or specimen tree, as its upright compact habit, is useful. Also known as “Lombardy Poplar” it is also effective as a very fast growing screening tree.

Poplars will grow in most soils but additionally, can tolerate some waterlogging where drainage is an issue. Also worth noting is that most Poplars have a wide, heart shaped leaf that creates shade where desirable.

Browse the Poplar trees we have for sale below or please contact us or visit us at our tree nursery in Essex if we do not have the tree you require available.