Plum Trees (Prunus)

We stock a number of Plum trees, including Prunus domestica (Czar), Prunus domestica Greengage and Prunus domestica (Victoria). Plums are very easy to grow and are heavy croppers so great in any garden to supply fruit. You can buy a few varieties of these stoned soft fruits which would give a good range of tastes and uses as well as cross pollinate to give heavier crops.

We offer Victoria Plum which is a great sweet plum for eating straight from the tree or Czar Plum which is great for cooking with its sharper tasting flesh.

Varieties like Damson and Greengage will make great eating or cooking fruits, especially good in jams.

All of these trees will grow in any soil as long as it is free draining, they like moist soil though so a good mulch in dry areas will help no end.

Training onto walls is a good way to control the size and shape if the space is limited and as they are self fertile a single tree will still give fruit.
In all these are easy to grow trees which will make a very tasty edition to your garden.