Maple Trees (Acer)

Japanese Maple trees are also included in the Acer range, Acer Palmatum ‘bloodgood’ is one of the most popular with its pointedly shaped purple leaves and stems. ‘Bloodgood’ is a relatively upright small tree, only attaining 4-5 metres height. Most Japanese maple trees prefer a particularly shaded environment and well drained soils.  Acer Palmatum ‘sango-kaku’ has yellow/orange leaves supported by bright red stems, which results in all year round colour including winter interest. A relatively small tree it will rarely exceed 3-4 metres in height.

Acer Plantanoides ‘drummondii’, is also a favourite tree in the UK. Its variegated cream and green leaf is most appealing and is often used as a contrast whilst planting adjacent to ‘royal red’, also as a smaller tree it is a similar size.

There are many different types of Acer Trees, but some have become more popular than others in the UK.  Acer Plantanoides ‘royal red’ is one of the most popular, with its stunning crown of purple leaves. In any town or city you will observe it in gardens and public places. With the optimum height of around 9 metres, and spread of only 5 metres, it will also fit into smaller gardens, its autumn colours of gold/yellow add to is desirability.

You can buy our range of Japanese Maple Acer trees below either online or direct from our tree nursery, lots of sizes, shapes and colours. If you can’t find the variety you need then please contact us to order a specific tree.