Magnolia Trees

A variety of beautiful Magnolia trees available to buy. Magnolia trees are known for their flowers and fragrant smell, white, pink, red, purple or yellow. Star Magnolia or Magnolia stellata usually white although a few cultivars have pinkish flowers, flowers are 3 to 5 inches in diameter with 12-40 petals giving the effect of a starburst (hence the name). They are deciduous and their dark green leaves sometimes turning yellow before falling.

Saucer magnolia or Magnolia x Soulangiana are large flowered. These deciduous flowering magnolias are considered small trees. The fragrant flowers open before the foliage and range in colour from white, to pink, to purple – flowers range in size from 3-12inches in diameter. They give a spectacular display in early spring.

Magnolia grandiflora, an evergreen with glossy green leaves, and have an underside that is a rust colour and often fuzzy to touch. Large very fragrant creamy-white flowers are produced in summer. Magnolia grow best in moist well drained soil. Browse the range of Magnolia trees we have for sale below or contact us if you do not see the tree you require.