Lime Trees (Tilia)

Small-leaved and Broad-leaved Lime trees (Tilia cordata/platyphyllos). Each available to buy in a choice of sizes. Lime trees form an important part of the tree population of the British Isles, both as a specimen tree and as an avenue tree to create formality. Tilia is a genus of around 30 trees, which vary in size quite significantly. The two species that are popular in the British Isles are Tilia Platyphyllos the broad leaved lime, and Tilia Cordata, the small leaved lime.

Tilia Platyphyllos is a large, deciduous tree that has a rather narrow slightly upright crown, the leaves supported by reddish coloured stem and is native to the UK. Also established as a significant component of our native woodlands, limes are very conducive to pollarding in urban situations and coppicing (near to ground), in the woodland where they have been an important source of firewood.

Tilia Cordata has a smaller leaf than Platyphyllos and has been used by landscape designers to form avenues and is also valued as a pleached tree, (a tree with a 2 metre clear stem with the head trained onto a frame above). Tilia Cordata is a very reliable tree, relatively quick growing and will thrive on any well drained soils. We recommend using Cordata as a part of any diverse planting scheme.