Birch Trees (Betula)

An extensive range of majestic Birch trees available to buy.

Silver Birch tree (Betula Pendula) is one of our most valuable native trees, that will thrive in almost any location. A most reliable tree that will be suitable for even the smallest of gardens. Silver birch also known as an important constituent of the UK’s native woodland,and is suited to regular coppicing.

Himalayan Birch (Betula jacquemontii) trees are one of the most popular trees currently available in the UK. Betula Jacquemontii has a brilliant white, peeling bark that can light up the garden throughout the winter months.  Himalayan Birch is often planted in a group that can eventually form one canopy, an important architectural landscape tree.

Betula Tristis is a form of weeping birch that has long slender, wispy like branches that can arch down to the ground and can perform as a stunning specimen tree in most sizes of garden. Becoming ever more popular in the UK.

Betula Nigra, River birch tree, is a lesser known tree, but none the less very useful for certain scenarios, where trees that require free draining soils will not survive the river birch, as its name suggests, will thrive on wetter soil conditions. Additionally, this tree has a spectacular peeling bark that provided good winter interest.

All these birch trees are available for sale up to 5m from King and Co. If you do not find the birch trees you require then please contact us.