Apple Trees Fruiting (Malus domestica)

Buy Apple trees from our selection of fine eating varieties. If you want to harvest edible fruit or just enjoy the ornamental beauty of an apple tree, we have a choice of Malus trees in various sizes. Apple trees are one of the easiest fruiting trees to grow and have a versatile fruit which can be stored or eaten straight from the tree. We stock a variety of popular Apple trees including Cox’s , Bramley, Discovery and James Grieve.

The trees we offer are on a semi-dwarfing rootstock (MM106) to create a strong and healthy tree which will grow to a small – medium size of around five metres tall. The overall height and size of Apples can easily be controlled by pruning and they can be trained to grow along a wall or fence or cut to keep the height restricted to enable easy fruit picking.

We have a good mix of varieties but have tried to keep to hardy, reliable croppers which have similar flowering times to enable better pollination and therefore more fruit. Pollination is helped by trees not only in your own garden but in neighbours gardens as well as crab varieties in hedgerows etc.

Apples will also give great seasonal interest with a wonderful display of white and pink blushed white flowers usually from late April into May. In most years they avoid the frosts which can affect the flowers and pollination of earlier flowering trees.

Please take a look at the variety information below, we are sure there will one of your favourites to purchase and give you fruit for many years to come. Buy apple trees as a special and unique gift!

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