Amelanchier Trees (Serviceberry)

Buy Amelanchier Trees for any size garden. They have good seasonal interest with stunning displays of spring flowers through to eye catching autumn colours or orange and reds.

In early spring the buds swell and turn pink before opening into small star shaped white flowers which are truly stunning. The young leaves emerge with a red tinge but harden to green.  Buy Amelanchier trees to give the best autumn displays of reds and oranges before falling. These are small trees which will be perfect for smaller gardens or planting closer to buildings than large varieties. In some cases Serviceberry can be supplied as multi stem plants which make a great addition to a border or for screening buildings or fences. Amelanchiers or Serviceberry, as they are also known, will produce small edible fruits which are taken readily by birds in the autumn months.

Our most popular variety is Amelanchier arborea Robin Hill which has a more regular and upright shape than others making this a popular choice in smaller gardens with less space.

Amelanchier lamarkii is more spreading in its habit and we usually supply this as a multi-stem bush or tree which will increase the amount of flowers and keep them lower near eye level.

Amelanchier ballerina has slightly larger flowers and is a more spreading tree so is best suited to a larger garden with more space for it to grow than the Robin Hill variety.

All Amelanchiers are a good choice for their amazing flowers and autumn colour and with the mature height of around 5-7m tall will not out grow the planting site.