Elm Trees (Ulmus Species)

Elm Trees (Ulmus Species)

We have been cultivating a batch of disease-resistant English elm trees for over 20 years, propagated from cuttings of four elm tree survivors found in the Eighties. 

The original trees are still in full leaf, and although it would be wrong to describe the new trees as immune, they certainly have a very high resistance to the disease.

Dutch elm disease was responsible for wiping out more than 90 per cent of the elm tree population during the 70's and 80's. The English elm tree is a magnificent tree, which can grow to nearly 200ft. The English elm was, along with the oak, the very symbol of our green and pleasant land so please help us replace the English Elm back to where it rightfully belongs in our beautiful countryside!

We have now sold the original 2000 trees across the UK and will be monitoring their progress before proceeding further with the project. In the meantime we are supplying Ulmus lutece, listed below. 

For Paul King’s Interview with Alan Titchmarsh at RHS Chelsea 2011 please click here

A report of the genetic testing can be downloaded here: Genotyping of seven (7) English Elm (Ulmus procera) samples for Mr Paul King of King & Co The Tree Company Ltd. By Felicidad Fernandez & Laima Antanaviciute.

Ulmus lutece - Disease resistant Elm Tree 18/20cm girth

Ulmus lutece has been cultivated for its resistance to Dutch Elm disease, and ha ...

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