The best drought tolerant trees

Our selection of trees that are are able to tolerate more drought-prone locations in the UK.

Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer – Ornamental Pear Tree

Once again this tree pops up on a list in this category. The Callery pear with its conical, upright crown and glossy green leaves from March through to November is a good drought tolerant choice. We grow more and more of these ornamental pears, as we are increasingly asked to plant them for our customers. An ornamental tree rather than fruit producing it does offer spectacular reddy-purple autumnal colour. Throw everything at this tree, severe cold, extreme heat, polluted environment even exposed conditions, it will still thrive.

Corylus Colurna – Turkish Hazel Tree

The Turkish Hazel is a tree we have persisted in recommending to our customers. It has particularly attractive, corky like bark that deepens its fissures as it obtains maturity. In addition to this, it produces a stunning display of long yellow catkins in the early Spring. Corylus colurna is fully drought tolerant although it prefers moist well-drained soil.

However, as with all of our trees that have grown on a daily irrigation system, colurna will require watering throughout the first one or two growing seasons as it makes the transition from Nursery to the wider environment.

Ginkgo biloba – Maidenhair Tree

Also known as the Maidenhair tree, fossils exist of this tree that are over 270 million years old! Ginkgo has a very distinctive leaf shape, a conical upright crown when mature, and stunning bright yellow autumnal colour. Possibly one of the most resilient trees ever to become established in the UK, and very drought resistant. A much-underrated tree.

Betula Pendula – Silver Birch Tree

The Silver Birch tree, native to the British Isles. Renowned for its silvery-white bark and rather graceful weeping branches. The bark creates wide furrowing fissures with age, and the overall shape of the tree is quite narrow. Added to this, the lower water demand and compact shallow roots, the birch can also be located in tighter spots that may prohibit some other trees. Often planted in a group for exceptional impact.

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