Planting Pleached Laurel

Pleached laurel are one of our best selling screening trees, creating a dense screen all year round.

Recently we planted fifteen pleached Laurel trees to create a screen for a local garden.

View our range of laurel available here.

These Pleached Laurel trees have an approx. 1.8m clear stem with the branches tied into a bamboo frame 1.5m wide and 1.25m tall and are the ideal way to screen above a fence and fast-growing Laurel will fill the frames quickly to give full coverage.

Pleached laurel on frames planted
Prunus Laurocersus Pleached – Pleached Laurel planting

Prunus laurocerasus (Cherry Laurel tree ) is a large glossy-leaved evergreen tree which is very fast growing. Cherry Laurel will make a very dense screen becoming thicker the more it is clipped. This very tough plant has masses of small white fragrant flowers produced in upright racemes in spring followed by small fruits in autumn.

Laurel grown on frames.
A closeup of the planted pleached laurel, laurel grown on frames.

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