Pleached Trees - Trees on Frames

Pleached Trees - Trees on Frames

You can create a raised evergreen barrier or hedge by planting these trees along a fence line ~1.25m apart to create privacy and screening. The height and width of the head will increase as it grows, stem height will remain the same. This is ideal for creating instant hedging with maximum privacy, without encroaching on the rest of your garden. If only one tree is required, it can be strategically placed to screen unsightly views from your property.

King and Co stock photinialaurel and hornbeam in pleached form. This means the trees are specifically grown onto frames that are made typically made from bamboo or wooden trellis, the frames range in size between 1 - 1.5m depending on the variety of tree. Pleached trees allow for a more formal screening shape as opposed to the natural growth shape. 

Carpinus betulus – Pleached Hornbeam Tree 8/10cm girth

Carpinus betulus, this variety of Hornbeam is trained onto a frame that is appro ...

£349.00 Includes VAT

Photinia X Fraseri Pleached Tree 8-10cm Girth

Photinia x Fraseri Red Robin Pleached trees are a great choice for screening in ...

£299.00 Includes VAT

Prunus laurocerasus - Pleached Laurel tree 10/12cm Girth

Rootballed pleached trees available from stock. Please contact for delivery opti ...

£295.00 Includes VAT

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