Why we have suspended the sale of Olive trees

If you’ve been browsing our website looking for Olive plants (Olea europaea), you will of noticed we no longer have any Olive trees listed for sale.

We normally stock a number of Olive trees in various sizes, but due to the threat of the bacterium disease Xyella fastidiosa we have decided to suspend the importation of all Olive species. We have taken this decision after careful consultation with UK Plant Health (Defra).


Olive Tree foliage and several large olive trees in background
Olive Trees (Olea europaea)


What is Xyella fastidiosa?
Xylella fastidiosa causes disease in a range of plants. There have been significant outbreaks in mainland Europe, the first in 2013 with the death of Olive trees in Southern Italy. Symptoms include scorched leaves, wilting, dieback and death of the plant. No cases have been detected in the UK. Our preventative measure as a responsible Tree Nursery is aimed at keeping the spread of the bacterium under control. Prevention is far better than cure.

We trust our customers will understand and will aim to have Olive plants back in stock as soon as possible.


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